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Logo Redevelopment, Wearables, and Website Redesign

Sugar Lips is an Atlanta-based waxing salon owned by esthetician Micky Richards. She founded her company after working for various salons around Atlanta and wanted to go above and beyond what was provided at larger companies. Her mission is heartfelt, "To exceed the expectations of traditional waxing salons by providing services built on personal relationships and performing stellar sugaring/waxing techniques in a sanitary and comfortable environment. I pride myself on being a knowledgeable service professional. And in being so, will do my best to make each appointment a memorable experience for every client." With her company built around her professionalism, they needed a professional logo to accompany it.

Ms. Richards contacted me to create some tee shirts and aprons to wear at the salon. Upon receiving her current logo, I realized that the font had become distorted and when put on shirts, the horizontal distortion was worsened by the fact that the shirts stretched the logo out further. I wanted to redevelop the logo with the original constraints of the fonts, as well as one that would be more legible when worn on a shirt or apron. 

Upon the successful completion of my work, Ms. Richards contacted me to redesign her website as well. As the only thing that was changing was the design, not the content, it was a quick turn around, and as excited as she was with her new site, she offered me the following review: "I LOVE MY NEW WEBSITE! Being the independent and bullheaded entrepreneur I am, I just knew building a website would be a cake walk. I thought all I had to do was find a template and throw some tidbits and prices into the void spaces. Well after spending hours and weeks, I came to the conclusion that building a website is best left up to a professional. So I reached out to Rachel  Katz to salvage to bits and pieces of the website I'd given up on. Within a less than a full working day, she'd created an  interactive and streamlined website and mobile platform that my clients are now raving over! Rachel is professional, timely, creative, talented and knowledgeable. I will continue working with her for all of my design needs."

You can visit the live site at

The organization's logo prior to redevelopment.





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